Tuesday, January 4, 2011

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Becoming Positively Lovelies

Tickle My Fancy Tuesday!!!! It is our first TMFT and I am so excited! There are such talented people in the world and I just can't help but share this beauty with you as I find it.

Positively Lovelies!!!

1. I love this print from Vol25. I love the colors and the script and the resolve of the statement. I should probably hang this on my mirror so I see it everyday.

2. This vanity from Altar'd. Isn't it gorgeous? Just look at that beautiful yellow! And the chalkboard in place of the mirror?! Love it.

3. This is just too cute. HappyTownUSA has several of these prints. They are just so precious. It combines one of my favorite childhood toys with cute captions. Could this be any more awesome? I think not.

And now for a little of my own gratitude. Thank you for reading! See you tomorrow for the "World-Changer Wednesday".

Happy Journey!