Monday, January 3, 2011

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Becoming a New Year (2011)

Happy New Year! It is hard to believe another year has gone by (and harder to believe that I am enough of an old lady to say that sort of thing).

I want to welcome you to my new blog. Ok, ok. It's the same blog as before, but I am re-formatting. I was just beginning to feel that ToB needs a bit more structure. It could be because I have only posted 40 times in the last three years. So, let me explain what you will see on this here little blog.

Mondays will hence forth be known as "Get to Work Mondays". I will be writing about goals, hopes, and dreams. I will share with you what I am doing to make those hopes realities. I will share about what God is doing as well. After all, the only reason I can take a breath is because He allows it and gives it. And of course, there will be some frustrations, some confusion, and some plain ol' "What was I thinking?" moments. I will do my best to offer some practical advice as I learn it but you should also expect the element of transparency that you have seen from ToB in the past.

Tuesdays will be really fun. I like to refer to them now as "Tickle My Fancy Tuesdays". Pretty things, exciting places, super-riffic blogs... anything and everything that stirs my creative heart will be shared here.

I may be looking most forward to Wednesdays..."World-Changer Wednesdays". There are people and organizations that are literally changing the world. As Our Own and Fallen Whistles and Compassion and so many others that are joining in God's fight for the least of these. I am excited to seek out these organizations, to find out their hearts, and to share them with you. I know you want to change the world as I do and sometimes we just need help finding the place where we can best serve. Get ready to hear great stories of what God is up to around the world.

Thursdays I will take a break but Fridays we will be back with "Participation Counts". There will be pictures, polls, conversations... any manner of things. And I fully expect you to participate. You will be graded, not on your answer but on IF you answer. Not really... your GPS..errrr...GPA will not affect your ability to find a job. But, I do want this to be a community. Right now we are small. Perhaps we will grow or perhaps not. But whether it is a community of 5 or 50, let's be a community. Let's laugh with, dream with, encourage, and challenge one another...

On the weekends, you will see "Soundtrack of Life". I will share with you the music that is rocking my world at the moment. I love discovering new music... new to me. Songs really do mark seasons of my life. Music is a miraculous thing that can completely change the direction of a day. Sometimes you will see music that stirs the eternal side of you and sometimes you will see music that simply wants to make you dance or roll the windows down (I tend to think it all stirs the eternal but I suppose that is up for debate).

There you have it. I cannot guarantee that I will get each day's post done each week, but I will try. This blog needs more structure and I do as well. I hope you will join me in discovering new becomings. I am excited about what is ahead.


Anonymous said...

I love this! Looking forward to regularly hearing from you via blog! I will participate, promise :)