Wednesday, January 12, 2011

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Becoming a Tuednesday

Tuednesday: a combination of Tuesday and Wednesday

I skipped yesterday's "Tickle My Fancy". This week has been busy busy busy. But, it's ok because today's World-changer and yesterday's Tickle My Fancy are the same thing. As Our Own.

Oh. You've heard of it? I talk about it all the time? You are right. I do.

Yesterday was Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Every 6 seconds two children are sold. And in those same 6 seconds, two human beings (daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, neighbors, grandchildren...) are trafficked into the US. Sickening, huh?

As you know, I recently went to India to work with As Our Own, who is building relationship with mothers in the red light district in order to bring little girls out of it. My mission team decided to have a Share and Prayer to invite friends and family to hear about what God is doing in India. And we decided to do it yesterday. Human Trafficking Awareness Day.

There were some glitches in preparation. We were...or I was expecting there to be maybe 30 people who would come. So, we planned to have the event at my house. When the guest list reached 45, I decided we'd better move it to the church. So we did. We put in a room request and planned for snacks and coffee and chai. Of course, we got there and the room wasn't quite what we had intended. But, it turned out to be just what we needed. God knows better than we do.

So we set everything up and people came. Lots of people. About 80 people. And we shared stories and truth and our lives. We told them of the darkness we saw the first morning. And we told them of the light. We talked about painted nails and scwunchy giggle faces. We talked about young men coming to study God's word and taking it to a country in desperate need. We talked of rescue and restoration. And then we prayed.

We moved into three circles. A circle to pray for Rescue. A circle for Aftercare. And a circle for Prevention. We cried and we prayed for broken people and we cried and we prayed in worship to a God who is big enough. Jesus is the only God who hears the cry of the enslaved and moves toward them to lead them out of captivity.

And when we had prayed we shared more stories and met new friends and listened to them share about how their hearts are being stirred. And I delighted. I delighted in seeing people that I love in Houston, begin to love the people that I love in India. I delighted to have the opportunity to tell stories about my girls and to have people laugh and cry and hurt and rejoice with me. I delighted to see the church have the heart of the church. I delighted. And I imagine that the Lord delighted a million trillion bazillion times more in all of those things.

*if you would like to read more about my time in India, please see here.


me said...

It humbles me to read of what you accomplished in India. It humbles me to know how God opperates. Thank you for sharing.