Friday, January 14, 2011

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Becoming a Juke Box

So remember that list of goals? Right. I'm still waiting for your help with #30. But in the meantime, how about helping me get started on crossing things off the list?

Two things you can help with today. #18. Establish a list of 30 worship songs that I can play on demand. And. #19 Establish a list of 15 cover songs.

So here is what I need from you. First of all, what are your favorite worship songs? You can name one or thirty, but I want my list to be other people's favorites too and not just my own. And then, secondly, what are some popular songs, current or not, that you think I should learn?

These are two of my goals because I am terrible about learning songs that others have written. I just stick to stuff I write, but in doing so I am causing myself to stall in my writing because I am not being challenged to hear new melodies and teach my fingers new patterns. Here's to the challenge!

I can't wait to see what you all come up with.

Happy Journey!


Caroline Cobb Smith said...

Hey Erin! Love that we've connected again. Ok... here are mine:

For Worship: In Christ Alone... and learn some classic hymns like It is Well, How Great Thou Art, Great is Thy Faithfulness. Can't ever go wrong with those.

Covers: I would go on YouTube and see how people cover your favorite artists. It's helped me! I cover people I like: Patty G, Gillian Welch, Sufjan, Ingrid Michaelson.