Monday, January 10, 2011

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Becoming a Goal-getter

I have a friend who used to be my boss who I would have sworn up and down to you loves setting goals. Turns out she doesn't. She just was trying to help me and the other interns learn to set goals. Ha!

Anyways, I don't usually follow through on goals so I generally just avoid setting them. It keeps me from experiencing guilt when I don't follow through...which I don't. Like ever. Don't judge. But, in the core of who I am, I believe goals are good. I think we should hold them loosely as God might just have something else in mind, but still, I believe goal setting is good. And so I have set some. Here is my 30 before 30 goal list...minus #30 because I'm waiting on your brilliant ideas. (Also, some of them will be a little vague here because I don't think I need to share the specifics with the world, but they are specific in actuality.)

Erin's Fantabulous 30 things to do before 30...

1. Play 2 shows beyond the Texas border
2. Raise a certain amount of money for As Our Own
3. Lose a certain amount of weight
4. Run 6 miles at once...sounds silly but I am not a runner. At all.
5. Have something published
6. Learn to beatbox...seriously.
7. Enroll in grad school
8. Memorize 1 John
9. Refinish my dresser
10. Reupholster the chair
11. Pay off my Album loan
12. Start working on an EP
13. Cowrite 3 songs
14. Pay off debt...oh so close.
15. Visit Seth and Courtney.
16. Take a serious, lengthy retreat alone.
17. Go to an event out of the norm.
18. Establish a list of 30 worship songs I can pull out of my head whenever.
19. Establish a list of 15 cover songs.
20. Watch The Matrix.
21. Read every book I already own.
22. Write 4 more songs for the Scripture to Music Collective.
23. Visit Nika and Amy
24. Learn a second creative skill
25. Create a file system and use it.
26. Send a snail mail letter to at least one person every week for 3 months straight.
27. Start learning Hindi.
28. Read through the Bible chronologically in a year
29. Get certified in Zumba.

Some of these will be easy: watch the Matrix for example. No problem. But many will be hard. Some will be hard because they will require time...consistent time. Some will be hard because they will cause me to push through fears and insecurities. And some will be hard because I have absolutely no idea how it could be possible for me to do them. But that's the point. I have a tendency to quit when things get hard. If people are relying on me to get something done, it will get done, but as soon as the commitment to others ends, I will never do that thing again. I could tell you a thousand stories about things I gave up because I encountered opposition. In many cases, I came out looking like I was sure of myself, but looks can be deceiving. Mosty, I was sure that I was hurt and that I wouldn't let myself be hurt like that again. So I picked up my bags and left that figurative town.

But I need to be reminded that opposition isn't a wall. It's an opportunity. I need to finish things that I can't finish. You with me? Many of the things on my list, I will only be able to do if God shows up. I need to be reminded that, yes, I am in fact inadequate, but my Jesus is all-sufficient. So, I may get angry when I am trying to learn Hindi and nothing is making sense. But my God knows everything. The Holy Spirit can understand and He can be my teacher. He can get a hold of my head and put Hindi in it. My head and Hindi belong to Him anyways, right?

So there it is. A beautiful, crazy, daunting list of 29... to be 30 things for me to work on for the next 2.5 years. And I suspect that working at these will lead to blessings that at this point would seem unrelated to re-upholtering a chair.