Saturday, January 8, 2011

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Becoming a Andy Fan

In college, I discovered the sweet freedom of traveling to cities around TX to hear great music. I mean, you can get in the car at 5pm on a Thursday night, drive 4 hours away for a 2 hour show, turn around and come back and no one will tell you no. You don't have to be at work at 8am. Most likely your class schedule is such that you will have plenty of time to nap so you will be ready to do it all again the next night. I road tripped with friends to see Dave Barnes, Matt Wertz, Jon McLaughlin, Micah Dalton, Nathan Angelo, Ryan Horne, and probably others. But the one that I saw more than any other...Andy Davis.

I was introduced to Andy's music by my friend John. He came into the coffee shop where I worked and we started talking about music. He asked if I'd ever heard of Andy Davis and when I said no, he went home, got a cd and brought it to me. I might not have listened to anything else for a month. I loved it. I can't remember meeting a college girl that didn't love it, but you know...You might not want to always trust the taste of the masses, but in this case you do. I promise.

I saw Andy play in College Station, Waco, Austin, Dallas, and Houston. Aaaaand Waco again, Austin probably 3 more times, and Houston at least twice more. What was really fun was when my friend Daniel knew the guys touring with Andy (Micah Dalton and Nathan Angelo...also stellar musicians who you should check out). And so we ending up helping with merch at some shows. We went to Waco one night, then Austin, then Houston. Best memory ever? Hanging out with all three of those guys at The House of Pies after the show.

Andy is still making great music and will soon be launching a Kickstarter campaign to help with his next album. He keeps getting better and better. And he started out great, so that's a big deal. I leave you now with the song that every girl wishes were written about her. Enjoy!!!

Andy Davis: Brown Eyes (from his Thinks of Her and his Let the Woman albums)



Anonymous said...

oh I love Andy good.

he's my "you boys are annoying, let me listen to a man" music.

yes. I just admitted to that ;)

Erin said...

I literally just laughed out loud. I am sitting in an empty house and laughing. out loud. to myself. Hannah, that is an amazing comment! Maybe my favorite comment ever left on ToB. Haha. I would say that a lot of Andy's stuff (at least the early stuff) could be described as a Chick Flick in music form. (Andy, that's not a bad thing if you happen to read this. It just means that your music tugs at the female heartstrings.)