Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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Chosen Series: Part 1

"Pick me. Choose me. Love me." It's the definitive line from the ad that has been enticing viewers to relive the lives of the residents of Seattle Grace on Grey's Anatomy. "See it all from the beginning."

I never did get drawn into Greys, nor do I plan on scheduling my life around the reruns, but this line has found a cozy little place to snuggle up in my mind somewhere between what I used to know and what I'd like to forget. The truth is, it is not only Meredith Grey that is begging to be chosen and loved. I often feel my heart pleading the same: Pick me. Choose me. Love me. I am sure that men long for this too in some regard, but for women, for us, it seems to be the greatest cry.

Look around you. You can see it everywhere. Pre-teen fashion. Music. The job market. Everywhere. As much as we would all like to pretend that we think the show is silly, we have probably all seen at least one episode of "The Bachelor". And one episode is all it takes for us to see it. These women all turn into Meredith. Every decision, every meltdown, ever stab in the back, and every premature declaration of love is motivated by the overwhelming urge to be chosen.
I have a terrible habit of labeling their behavior as absurd and we would be hard pressed to find someone who disagreed. But, if I am honest, I am just as ridiculous. It may take on different forms, but no matter how it manifests, my effort to be the last one with the metaphorical rose is ludicrous. And, I never would have put myself in the same basket of loony as these women, until recently...
*This post is adapted from my journal entries from 2009
Questions for today:
1. Where else in culture or in your circle of awareness does this desire to be chosen seem to be the motivation?
2.Do you identify with Meredith's cry of "Pick me. Choose me. Love me."?

I would love for us to answer these questions in the comment section. If you feel like you need to, you can always comment anonymously.

Happy Journey!


Becky Kiser said...

Just realized I never commented on this post... I had in my head though (but that doesn't exactly count does it?).

I feel like every where I go, in everything I do I look to be chosen. To be favored. To be accepted. No matter where I am. I hate it. I wish that I could be satisfied in the fact that the Lord chose me. But I guess He also chose me to be human, and some things are just a part of life. A process to work through.

And yes I do relate to her cry. One of the best lines in all of TV.