Monday, February 28, 2011

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Becoming Serious about Series

Here's the deal. This format is not working. I thought it would keep me disciplined, but instead I found myself straining to think of something to write that had to do with the "topic" for the day. I will still do some of those post some of the can still expect to hear about people and organizations that are changing the world. You can expect updates on the 30 in 30. But mostly, I will be writing about whatever is stirring in the moment. Which brings us to the series...

Over the next few posts, I will be writing about something that I started to come to terms with a couple of years ago. And some of the posts will be taken from journal entries written in 2009. This is something that I have been considering writing about for awhile in book form, but I figured, why not start here? It is something that I believe is at the heart of every woman, the desire to be chosen.

My heart is that we will all find encouragement in this journey. That we will find an honest place in ourselves and with the Lord where we can confess our hearts and that we would be an encouragement to each other. Please, please do not be quiet during this series. Please share your thoughts, your stories, your heartaches, and your joys. We are meant to discover truth together and so I am asking you to leave comments during this. I am excited to see what the Lord has waiting for us.


Anonymous said...

So looking forward to this, Erin.
Blog plans rarely work for me either....we're just too organic to follow maps ;)

Erin said...


Thanks for being my commenter. I knew I could count on you! And yes, organic is a perfect word. Silly road maps, trying to squelch our natural creativity.