Friday, February 11, 2011

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Becoming MIA

Woah...a little behind, aren't I? Aren't I? Is that grammatically correct? It can't be. I wouldn't say "I are a little behind." English majors? Help me out here...

Oh well. Life has been a little crazy. We've had "inclimate weather" days...that is Houston speak for "cold liquid is falling from the sky and we don't know how to operate in anything below 35degree weather so we stop life." We thought it was going to snow last week. It didn't. All around us it did. I was not happy. On non-non-snow days, I've been busy with meetings. All the time. Meetings meetings meetings. And of course, there is work, which fills up way too much of my time. (Yes, I'm thankful for the fact I have a job. No, I don't need you to lecture me about how some people can't find work.)

In the time I have had, I've worked on updating my website and my myspace. I also finally bought fabric to recover my chair. I bought the fabric from My Little Sunshine, a fabulous fabric shop on etsy. Ashley, also has an etsy shop full of beautiful accessories and handbags. Check it out.

Here's the fabric I chose...
The stripes are actually much thinner than this picture would lead you to believe. I am so excited about how my chair will look after all the work is done.

Another thing I've been cramming into my spare time is practice. Yes. Practice practice practice. I am playing two shows in College Station in the next few weeks and so I have been putting the fingers to work on that guitar. My first show is February 19th at Mugwalls. Chris, Isais, and Meredith are playing with me so it will be very fun. Two local artists will kick off the night at 8pm. And it's a free show. And then, on March 5th, I will have the honor of joining Jill DeZwaan and Sarah DeGroat at Part of the Solution, a night of the Masterpiece Conference that invites young women to engage in the kingdom of God locally and globally. Jill, Sarah, and I will be sharing our music while the girls learn of how they can be a part of the solution. I am so humbled and thrilled to get to be a part of Masterpiece. On March 5th my loves will come together in one place: music, missions, and college ladies. I cannot imagine a more fabulous way to spend a Saturday. If you are a woman between the ages of 17 and 25, go sign up for now.

So, that's the craziness of life in Houston right now. This weekend I will be out of town. And I won't have a chance to breathe again untill probably April, but I will enjoy the business as much as possible and I will enjoy my Jesus everyday, no matter how busy I am.

So, how can you participate? (after all, it is participation counts friday). Well, you can come see me on February 19th. You can visit my website and leave a comment on the discussion board. And mostly, you can pray. Pray for rest and health and that my daily strength and satisfaction are constantly found in the Lord. And thank you, in advnace, for your prayers.

Happy Journey!