Monday, November 15, 2010

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Becoming One of 7 in 7 (Song 5)

I can't believe I have written 5 songs this week. Amazing. (i will go back and post words with the songs below)

This song is based on the sermon at church last night. Pastor Gregg is teaching on John 4 and the woman at the well. At one point he mentioned that at that time, women could not divorce a man. So, that meant this woman who had had five husbands was cast aside five times. And now she had given up on marriage and was just living with number six. Pastor Gregg emphasized the thirst in all of us. This woman was trying to meet that thirst through a man...through husbands. Then he asked us, "What are your husbands?" What are the things that you look to for thirst quenching? Is it approval? Success? Attention? Love? What is it? Whatever it is won't satisfy and in fact, it will leave you feeling cast aside when it doesn't fulfill it's lofty promises. But there is a man at a well with the answers...

Cast Away by ErinWoodsMusic

Cast Away

Your fickle love leaves me longing
Thirsty for something that will satisfy
You promise your heart and instead bring your lies
And it’s clear you were on your way out
from the day you stepped into my life

You cast me aside
Just like my last love
You will steal the little faith I have left
I will swear you off as the worst of my lovers
And I’ll find another
To ease my pain
And he'll cast me off
Just the same

My heart thirsts for the depths of the well
My heart bursts from the pain
It’s left bleeding and screaming and still
I’ll find another love to soothe this dull ache
And he'll cast me off just same

But there’s a man at a well
Waiting to tell me I’m his
He cuts to the depths of my drowning heart
And breathes life where there’s only been dying

He says
Cast all aside
And at last be my love
I will revive your faith
I have sworn to restore all that your lovers destroyed
I’ll love you to death just to love you to life
So take my love and cast all else aside
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