Friday, May 9, 2014

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Blog Book and Music Sale!!!!!

Welcome to Erin's Bargain Books and Jams Blog! 

Below you will see a wide array of books and CD's that are available for purchase. Everything is $5 or under(plus shipping if you don't live near enough to pick it up or meet to exchange). Take your time, peruse, and leave a comment or send me a message if you see something you like.

One year Bible: $5
One Year Devotional: $2
Made to Stick: $2

Total Money Makeover: $3
Winter Tree Journal: $3
Dream Manager: $2
20 Something 20 Everything: $2
Lifestyle Evangelism: $3
The 7 principles of an Evangelistic Life: $3
Primal: $2
Emerging Hope: $2

Thirsty: $2
Heart Like His: $5
Wreck This Journal: $2
My Sister's Keeper: $3
Graffiti Devotionals for Guys: $2
Abba's Child: $5
Mixed Ministry: $2
The Ransomed Heart: $3

The Unquenchable Worshipper: $2 (I have 2 copies)
Wild Goose Chase: $2
Pursuit of Holiness: $2
Girls Ministry 101: $2
MLA Handbook: $2
When They Were 22: $2
Colossians & Philemon:$2
Creativity: $2
The Conversation Club: $2
Red Sea Rules: $2


Decorating with Fabric: $2
Stitch by Stich: $2
Drybrush Watercolor: $2
Scrapbook: $5

Three Cups of Tea: $3
Excellent Wife: $3
Life is So Good: $2
Searching For God Knows What: $2
The Birth of The Church: $5
Respectable Sins: $3
Beautiful in God's Eyes: $2
For Women Only: $2

 Large Painter's Pallett: $5

Ferris Wheel Decorative Piece: $2

Alright....There it is. The Bargain Basement Prices.  Let me know what catches your eye.

Happy shopping!