Thursday, May 2, 2013

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Chosen Series: Peter Re-cap

It's been quite a journey with Peter, hasn't it? He's had a name change, found a friend, royally screwed up, been met with mercy in his mess, and his flaw became his faith. We have learned a lot about this desire to be chosen and where to find it's fulfillment. And, there is still so much to learn. Next, we will ask some sisters, Mary and Martha, to teach us what they know. But first, let's look back at some of the things that Peter taught us.

Firstly, before we offer anything to Christ (any obedience, any love, anything), He gives us a new destiny and identity. Jesus knows us and calls us by who we were made to be not by who we currently are.

Secondly, every single one of us is asking, "Who am I?" We can and usually do ask anyone we meet, but it will take a bold and intimate friend to know the truthful answer to that question. And, we all have a bold and intimate friend in Jesus. Let's make sure that He is the one we are asking to answer our question of identity.

Next, Peter helped us to see our desire to rush pass the pain of shame. Like Peter, we are often certain we cannot fix our mess so we hide in the familiar. We strap on the shame and refuse to accept that we are accepted.

Likewise, Peter's journey allowed us to see that we don't have to make up for our messes. Jesus met Peter at the shore for breakfast and God is still, always, daily, eternally choosing Peter, you, and me...failures and all.

Finally, we journeyed along as Peter's boldness changed, by the power of the Holy Spirit, from messy and stupid self-centeredness to purposeful and godly kingdom-centeredness. When we understand that we are chosen, regardless of our mess, we can walk confidently in the Spirit and our personality flaws become our personal faith.

I am a fan of Peter. I get him. Be purposeful about speaking these truths over yourself today. Ask Jesus who you are. He's already given you a new identity and He knows your messes intimately and has chosen you anyways. Let His love turn your "flaws" into faith.