Monday, January 16, 2012

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Chosen Series: Part 5

Jesus and Peter had a unique relationship. I think it may be the truest form of friendship ever lived. They wounded each other. Peter wounding Jesus because Peter was weak and he acted out in the passion of the moment. But it was the same impulsive passion that caused him to speak boldly and stand up for Christ, even if his actions were misinformed. And Jesus wounding Peter, speaking sharp words to him because Jesus loved Peter enough to risk wounding him to make him better.

Jesus speaks directly to Peter more than the other disciples. And from what we can see, Peter speaks up more than the others. In Matthew 16, Jesus and Peter have this really intense moment in the midst of the twelve. Jesus is asking, "Who do people say that I am?" They answered...meaning the group..."Some say John the Baptist, Elijah, Jeremiah, one of the prophets." Then Jesus asked, "But who do YOU say that I am?" Whether or not He looked at Peter when He asked this, we don't know. Nevertheless, it was Peter who spoke up. I imagine the others looking at the clouds, their sandals, maybe doodling in the sand as they search their minds and hearts for what they really believe about who Jesus is. But not Peter. He doesn't have to search. He just comes out with it. "You are the Christ. The Son of the living God." And Jesus responds to Peter by reaffirming his new name: Peter-the rock. But Jesus makes sure to clarify that Peter can only say that Jesus is the Christ because the Spirit of God has revealed it to him. And that, Peter will accomplish great things because of Jesus.

We are all asking the same question Jesus asked. "Who do people think I am?" The voices of the crowds are loud. They were with Jesus too. There was no doubt about what the crowds thought about Jesus. He was a prophet, like Elijah, Jeremiah...but the crowds were wrong. They are wrong with us as well. The crowds will say we aren't enough of something or we are too much something. Maybe the crowds see you as the awesome speaker or the girl with good fashion sense. And there may be a little truth in that, but it is not who you ARE. So we keep asking people, "But who do YOU say that I am?" And it will take our closest, boldest friend to really see who we are. It will take a miracle for someone to speak over us what we know in our hearts to be true about us.

So who is that for you? Who is that friend? I imagine some, probably most of us, have trouble thinking of the person that knows us that well. But, let me ask you, would you call Jesus your friend? I'm guessing if you know Him at all that you would say yes. So start asking Him. He knows, understands, and appreciates the deeper value of you who are and what you are called to. He is ready to speak truth over who you are. He is bold enough to say it. There will be moments when His words over you will sting, but He knows you better than anyone. And He loves you more than anyone. Start asking Him how He defines you.
Questions for today:
1. Who is Jesus to you?
2. Who are you looking to answer the question,"Who am I?" The crowds? The well-meaning 11? Jesus?

Happy Journey!


Melanie said...

Great post, Erin.
1) Jesus - wow, this answer could be a whole blogpost. I hope it suffices to say that He's my everything. He is my hope. My nearest and dearest friend. My true reason for living. the true reason for my relationships. Why I get up in the morning. The list goes on.
2)Who am I looking to? Well, on a good day - Jesus. On a struggling day - depends on what weakness is knocking. Friends, Family, Co-Workers...etc.