Sunday, November 13, 2011

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It's Baaaack

That's right, 7 in 7 is back. It started on Thursday and ends Wednesday. I've joined over 300 songrwriters from all over the world (literally) in taking the challenge to write 7 songs in 7 days. The rules are simple. Start and finish a new song for each of the 7 days. No revamping old unfinished songs. Start with a blank page.

As I sat down to write on Thursday, I was having the hardest time getting past a single verse or a single chorus or even a single line. I would write a couple of starting points down and then nothing else would come. That rough start coupled with the fact that I was at a retreat (an awesome, butt-kicking one) all weekend has brought me here. It is officially day four and I have only 1 finished song. But, it is one. It is one that I would not have written this week if not for 7 in 7. So, enjoy. It's a one day written recorded song, not perfect, but it has such potential...

 Hurricane by ErinWoodsMusic

Baby  I should warn you
I’m a hurricane
Got not sense to look out for who might be in my way
Just blowing through town taking down the lights
Darling you should hide out for a day or two
Move out of the path of the storm headed straight for you
You might be brave but darling I’m not safe.
And the wind and the rain follow the calm
It’s hard to tell what damage is done
by the hurricane

Could be only leaves and limbs
Tossed about by crazy winds
Maybe a little broken glass
Or could family and friends
Broken hearts harder to mend
And I’m sorry
I’m sorry
but I’m a hurricane
So you should have seen it coming