Sunday, August 21, 2011

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A Season of Change

This has been a summer of changes for me. The biggest and best of which has been the decision to join Bayou City Fellowship.  Aside from the brief hiatus in college, I have attended the same church since birth. It is a phenomenal church. I learned to worship there. I learned scripture. I learned to love the nations. And most importantly, I began my relationship with Christ. Most of my story has taken place at that church. But, as with every story, there comes a time when, in order for the character to continue growing, something must change. For me, in this season, that has been my place of worship.

I had known for some time that the Lord was calling me out from where I had been, but I was lost as to where it was I should go. And, now,within a week, I had two roads before me. One, a job in another city. It was a job that seemed a perfect fit, the one I'd been hoping for since graduating from Texas A&M. And the other road: join a team of people who were stepping into the journey of planting a church in Spring Branch. What followed was a couple of weeks of interviews, prayers, and waiting. Both roads were filled with promise and both were filled with challenges. I couldn't have even told you which of the two roads I preferred. However, when I was told the job would be going to someone else, I did not experience the sting that usually accompanies the closing of a door. Instead, I found that I was thrilled to know that I would be linking arms with a church full of individuals and families that from day one would seek to love God and love our city well. A church called Bayou City Fellowship.

BCF has been an indescribable blessing. Over the last few years, my faith had taken a bit of a beating. I had come to a place where I was not convinced of the Lord's goodness, and I was questioning if He was really worth my obedience. For several months before joining BCF, my prayer had been, "Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief." (Mark 9:24). And through this new community, The Lord has been answering that prayer. I have witnessed the Lord's faithfulness through Bayou City Fellowship and I can confidently say that the Lord has been doing just what I asked, helping my unbelief. As I have stepped into this new family, I have begun to see the Lord's faithfulness a little more clearly. In preparing for our launch on September 11th, we have, more than anything else, spent time on our knees asking the Lord to move. And I have seen those prayers answered. As we have prayed for healing, provision, vision, and opportunity, the Lord has answered. I invite you to come hear for yourself the stories of how He has healed, provided, given new eyes, and opened doors. I am blessed and honored to be a part of this church and I cannot wait to see what the Lord will continue to do in me, in Spring Branch, and in the world through Bayou City Fellowship. For His glory, for His Kingdom!


Brad and Carrie said...

So excited for you! What a fun chapter that seems to be opening.