Friday, March 26, 2010

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Becoming Itchy

I have not been able to shake the creativity itch lately. I think my natural creativity, that used to be excercised on a weekly, if not daily basis in the college years, is getting antsy having to be submissive to the world of data entry. I sit at a desk all day doing a job that requires me to be administrative and in a routine...2 things that do not come naturally to me in the slightest. This week, I have had the hardest time concentrating at work because my creative nerves are all squirmy. So, I've decided I need to make creativity a discipline. I need to start being purposeful about finding inspiration. In looking at other people's blogs today, I noticed a lot of "Things I love" posts. I think this is a good way for me to be sure I am making space for creativity in my life. Thus, I am declaring Fridays, from this day forth: "Five Things Friday". Let's get started, shall we?

Five Projects to Complete:

5. 1st crochet project

4. Album Cover

3. Hang paintings

2. Reupholster chairs (I may have to out source this one)

1. Build pallet daybed platform (need to find powertools)

There we have it. Some require very little I should go work on those now. Long live my creative knack!!!!