Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tonight I saw "He's Just Not into You" and I left angry and sad. I wanted to share with you somethings the movie teaches and somethings I actually learned.

What the movie taught:

1. If he isn't calling, it's because he's not into you. (makes sense)
2. If he wants to see you, he will make it happen. (ok. still on board)
3. If a man dates you for years and won't marry you, he's not into you (at least not enough to marry you...duh.)
4. If this man, who won't marry you, does the dishes and takes care of you, then it's worth giving up your hope for marriage because he's probably better than some husbands anyway (Sounds good, but is wrong.)
5. Just because someone is married, doesn't mean he isn't meant to be with you. Don't give up on being with him just because he is committed to someone else. (I'm sorry, what? Since when did this become wise advice?)
6. If you love someone, you are sleeping with them. (...)
7. All the conclusions women come to when they read into men's actions are wrong, but the act of reading into things is actually healthy and good because it means that you believe in love and have hope. (Contradiction much?)
8. No man actually wants to get married. The only reason men get married is because they feel trapped and obligated.
9. Marriage actually is horrible, but we should want it anyways.
10. Just because a man says he will call you, doesn't mean he actually will, but somehow, women should just take everything at face value. (Huh?)

What I learned:
1. Our world is very broken.
2. I am ok with not doing relationships the way the world does.
3. I value marriage and I am willing to wait for a man who will be faithful to me and with whom I can honestly work through the struggles of married life.
4. I need to be careful what advice and encouragement I offer to my girl-friends.
5. I want to a wise-godly mother who instills value and values into her daughter.
6. I am blessed to know godly men who walk in integrity, even if they are sometimes confusing.
7. The culture's way of doing things leads to confusion, heart ache, and emptiness.
8. I am blessed to know godly women who give me godly advice and don't just tell me what I want to hear.
9. Going to see a movie based on a book that was written by someone who created Sex in the City is not a good idea.
10. Most people still value marriage (based on the gasps and comments made by others in the movie theater. ie: When Drew Barrymore said something to the effect of "Are you supposed to let the man of your dreams pass just because he is married?" the girl behind me said, "YES!")

On a additional movie-going note, do not put your bare feet over the seat in front of you and rest them next to the head of the move-goer in front of you. That is just not ok. You are not in your living room. You do not know the person who is now 3 inches from your feet. It does not matter if you came straight from a pedicure. That is just not acceptable. And I even like feet, but seriously? (I started to reach over and tickle the feet just to make a point that it was awkward but I restrained myself and instead just politely asked them to put their feet down.)


Dionne said...

Amen to that! I haven't seen the movie, but I heard similar perspectives on it from friends.

It's so sad the way people view relationships and men. I was so blessed to marry a Godly man who treasures me and respects me - it's sad that the world cheapens marriage. Ugh!

And I can't believe that someone put their feet up like that! That is so rude!