Sunday, September 9, 2007

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Becoming the Body

Well, it has been a few weeks since the first post and my circumstances have not changed. However, my heart is changing a little bit every day. I am learning to trust that today, the Lord will provide. I am learning to live out letting my anxieties be made known and not worrying about tomorrow. Tomorrow will be whatever tomorrow will be, but today I need a meal and fellowship and a roof and the Lord has provided those things. Tomorrow we can deal with what i need for tomorrow.

It is the means of the Lord's provision that is really teaching me. As I said before, having to rely on others smashes one's pride. But having to rely on others is how the Body of Christ works. The church in acts owned nothing as individuals. Everything they owned blonged also to the rest of the Body. I have seen such beautiful examples of that during this season. As friends have opened their homes to me, sharing their groceries, couches, space...I have seen the Body of Christ in action. It is amazing. It is so encouraging and it makes me excited to be able to love others and share the little I do have with those who need it. Right now, I may only be able to offer time, of which I seem to have a superfilous amount, but I can give that away. It's awesome.


Bev Brandon said...

hi...i liked your comment on Claire's blog---to seek the peace of the place God has for you----can you tell me the reference? thanks...just post it right here if that's easiest for you...thank you so much...

The truths of becoming said...

It comes from Jeremiah 29:4-14.

I used it in a lesson I taught this summer about seasons of waiting and desert-wandering. "He tells his people that they will be in exile for 70 years. They know He’s going to get them out but He tells them not to sit around and wait to be rescued. He says invest where you are.
Seek the shalom/peace of the place you are in."

Ben Stuart taught on this as well last year in Breakaway. I think it was last september in a series called "as it should be".